Our Mission and Vision

ABC Learning center has 4 clear missions:

  • To provide highest quality of child care
  • To foster each child’s unique growth and development potential.
  • To provide and strengthen the bridge between your work and family life by creating a special that nurtures your little ones.
  • To provide an environment where your children can lean the art of self regulation i.e. discipline which is key to their emotional development.

Our Vision includes:

  • Each child is a special individual and every aspect of his/her development is equally important.
  • Every Child receives quality care and all parents have access to affordable, quality child care for all children.
  • We believe that ALL families’ deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, valuing their individual beliefs and ideals.
  • ALL families will be offered outstanding early learning and childcare programmes that promote understanding and respect for others and support and involve parents in their child’s early learning experiences.
  • Childcare programmes are most effective when they work in partnership with families and communities.
  • Children are offered for their meaningful work and staffs are value for their zeal, knowledge and commitment.
  • Together we value – each moment of the day