Our Pre –K Curriculum

Is designed to help your child prepare for kindergarten. Our program is Montessori based traditional curriculum. Our pre-schooler explore the concepts of Math , literacy , Science , Creative art , Social skills. The reading readiness program focuses on phonic skills. Listening comprehension will be initiated for children who demonstrate readiness for this skill. A manipulative approach is used to develop math concepts. Beginner handwriting skills are taught through a specially designed handwriting program. Creativity, curiosity and confidence are developed through Center play activities. Art experiences, manipulative materials, dramatic play, books and games enhance the child's conceptual development

Infant and Toddler

Our infants & toddler program 

Is designed to provide a warm welcoming environment where your baby can grow from a bundle of joy and curiosity. Parents and teachers work together to design daily routines to meet each infant's & toddlers Physical and emotional needs.

This program is used to develop the child's language, gross motor and small motor skills. Self-discipline, cooperation and creative expression are fostered through play activities. 

2 Year Old Class

The young Preschool Program 

Is the core of the two to three year-old curriculum. Listening to stories, retelling events, dramatic play with puppets, music and movement experience help the child develop concepts and language skills necessary for future learning. A variety of play and art materials are provided for the child's exploration.

Stringing beads, building with blocks, painting, drawing, cutting and constructing with different materials foster the development of the child's small motor and problem solving skills, and also enhance his/her gross or large motor skill, sense of creativity and self-expression.